Are you unsure about your options for an MD, PhD, or Pharmacology degree? Will you flip a coin to decide between an MD or PhD career? Do you want to significantly increase your chances of getting into a desired Medical or Graduate School?  Are you struggling to write the perfect resume or a personal statement? Are you nervous about an interview and need to practice?

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Choosing your career in a medical or scientific field is a major decision in your life. You shouldn’t have to make it alone and you don’t have to.

Get individualized guidance from someone who has gone through the same process and has also been involved in candidate selection.

I have been a neuroscientist for 15 years, and a faculty member at Loyola Medical School in Chicago for nearly 7 years. As an MD and PhD career advisor, I have helped many students get accepted to the best medical and graduate schools in the United States, including Duke Medical School and University of Pennsylvania.

There are 3 major differences between my service and a career service offered at your school: 

  • my direct experience earning a PhD degree and becoming a neuroscience researcher

  • my personal approach that you will get by working with me

  • it is always good to have a second opinion 

 Find out how I can help you.